Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Good Eats

The Brat Stop

Looking for a place to ride to? Located just five minutes over the Wisconsin/Illinois border, in Kenosha WI at I-94 & HWY 50, Exit 344. What's the allure? Well, anyone who travels knows that sampling regional cuisine is half the adventure, and a visit to Wisconsin simply isn't complete without sampling a bratwurst. The beer and brat are inextricable parts of the German settlers that made roots here in the 19th century. The word Bratwurst is of German origin; brat means fry, wurst means sausage. A bona fide Wisconsin cook-out or tailgate always offers lots of tasty beer soaked grilled brats.

Cheese is another regional specialty and the varieties of cheese available in the Badger State makes visitors heads spin. The Brat Stop's Cheese Mart and Gift Shop lets visitors take home brats, cheese and light-hearted Wisconsin related memorabilia. Most visitors bring home a few "cheesy" souvenirs, one of the more popular being a foam cheese head hat that looks like a wedge of cheese.

A good taste of what Wi is all aboot without going all the way in. A cool place to hop out of IL for. Food, sites, entertainment - the works.

Oh, and go bears.

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